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On Engineers’ Day (September 15, 2018), CSI Lakshmangarh Chapter was inaugurated at School of Engineering and Technology, Mody University of Science and Technology, Lakshmangarh. It was a day filled with events, starting with the Shri Vishwakarma Pooja and Poster Presentation on the theme “Technological Advancement-Indian Scenario”.
At this occasion, apart from the office bearer Prof. V.K. Jain, Dean-SET & Chairman, Dr. Amit Sanghi, Assoc. Prof., MEC-Bikaner & Vice-Chairman, Dr. A. Senthil, Assoc. Prof. & Treasurer, Dr. Anand Sharma Asst. Prof. & Honorary Secretary, other distinguished guests Prof. M.N. Hoda (BVICAM, New Delhi), Prof. Prasenjit Sen (JNU, New Delhi), Dr. Jamil Akhtar (CEERI, Pilani) were present. The event was organized in SSTS Auditorium and witnessed by around 350 people which includes CSI members, students members, faculty and students.
Prof. V.K. Jain has given the inaugural keynote and announced the CSI Lakshmangarh Chapter Committee. He also stressed upon the importance and role of this chapter for organizing professional activities. This chapter will cover Sikar, Jhunjhunu, Churu , Bikaner and Jaisalmer districts. The chapter will play a major role in achieving the objective of the CSI. The CSI Lakshmangarh chapter has direct links with the members. For the benefit and knowledge enhancement of members the chapter will organize technical meetings, poster presentation/exhibitions, seminars, workshops and conferences. The chapter will also host regional, divisional, national and international events along with the various reputed sponsoring agencies.
Prof. Prasenjit Sen and Dr. Jamil Akhtar explained the technological advancement in last 50 years in ICT. Prof. M.N. Hoda explained that how CSI is playing a key role in IT Policy framework and encouraging the professionals by way of organizing conventions and various awards.
After that Inaugural Ceremony, a workshop on Machine Learning and Deep Learning was organized in which around 200 students participated. The faculty members and student have been given the insights of Machine Learning and Deep learning. At the end of day, a CSI promotion event / membership drive was organized by CSI Student Branch, School of Engineering and Technology, in which the prizes were distributed and the students were motivated to be a member of CSI.
Finally, Dr. Anand Sharma, Honorary Secretary, CSI Lakshmangarh Chapter has proposed the vote of thanks.


              Dr. V.K.Jain (L1503541)
              Dr. Amit Sanghi (L0175125)
      Honorary Secretary
              Dr. Anand Sharma (2010000812)
              Dr. A. Senthil (2010000566)
      Executive Committee Members
              Dr. Vishal Kumar Gour (L1104010)
              Dr. PrateekBhanti (L01510592)
              Mr. Ajay Kumar (2010000813)
      Nomination Committee Members
              Dr. Sanjeev Patwa (L01504968)
              Dr. Puneet Gupta (2010000809)
              Mr. Ajeet Singh Poonia (01104015)

FOR ANY QUERIES, Please contact:

CSI Lakshmangarh Chapter
Dr. Anand Sharma, Honorary Secretary, CSI-LC
Cabin No. F-209, ABB,
School of Engineering and Technology,
Mody University of Science and Technology, Lakshmangarh
Sikar - 332311,
Rajasthan, India.
Mobile No. : +91-9649012214, E-mail: anand.glee@gmail.com